Computer tomograph scanners and service from a single source

Are you looking for a new or used computer tomograph, spare parts or reliable service technicians? We are your full-service provider for everything from repairs and maintenance to the purchase and sale of used Philips computer tomograph scanners. We know what a failure of medical equipment means for you and your patients. That is why we act quickly and flexibly. Service means to us: reliability, high quality and short response times.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to your call!


Repairs and maintenance

Medical technology requires regular maintenance. We make appointments for the maintenance of your equipment in advance (or spontaneously). If repairs are needed, a phone call is all it takes and we will be there as soon as possible so that everyday operations can continue without delays. We also have spare parts in stock, just in case, and bring them on the first visit.

Constancy tests and CTDI measurements

Safety first. With our constancy testing, we ensure that the specified parameters and all limit values are adhered to. So you can guarantee your patients a safe and flawless examination. Our CTDI measurements are reliable and fast. We correct any increased radiation exposure directly.

Safety checks and ground and residual current measurements

To ensure the safety of your staff and patients, we also check ground and residual currents and other possible defects. Correction are directly made. We ensure that you always have a safe process.


Your employees learn how to use the system from our former Philips application engineers. They show how to operate the system efficiently to still achieve very good image quality at low dose.

Assembly and disassembly

The CT has to be moved: Whether within the practice or hospital, or to another location, disassembly and assembly require expertise and routine. We are happy to provide you with both.

Transport and relocation service

After dismantling, we provide professional and expert transport. For this purpose we take care of the appropriate packing, securing and the transport company.

Purchase and sale of used Philips CTs

We are happy to advise you on the purchase of a used CT scanner and provide you with the appropriate equipment. We also take care of the disposal or sale of your old CT.


If required, we are also happy to store your CT in our warehouse in Waltrop (Germany). Whether it's a short stopover or a longer-term solution during, for example, a renovation project - feel free to contact us.

Horse CT

Pferde Computer Tomograph

Medical technology has come a long way, especially in human medicine. We have taken advantage of this expertise and developed a computer tomograph for horses (as well as for smaller animals) in cooperation with veterinarians. The special feature is that the CT makes scans possible without unnecessary risks.

The device is a modified computer tomograph from Philips, which enables a complete scan of the head as well as the extremities.


  • Sedation of the horses is completely sufficient.
  • You are no longer dependent on colleagues: There is no need to transfer or refer animal patients to other practices.
  • You no longer have waiting times for evaluation.
  • There will be new cooperations with colleagues who do not have their own CT.

In an initial consultation, we clarify all relevant questions, inspect the possible location and advise you on equipment and costs. Of course, we will also be happy to set up and commission the system, train your staff and be on hand promptly if there are any problems.

About us

We are trained service technicians in computed tomography and have worked for years at leading medical technology companies such as Philips Medizin Systeme. Our experience and network in the medical technology industry has given us extensive knowledge in the repair, maintenance and installation of computer tomographs.

Our philosophy: Our focus is not only on the product. For our customers we think in solutions. Fast and reliable. Our service should lead to less stress and more satisfaction. For you, your employees and your patients.


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